Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP)

Current and Quality Imagery for Industry Professionals

Valtus is proud to be a distributor of the Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP), a high-quality, accurate and professional dataset. The imagery within the program is 4-band (RGBN) ortho with 30cm (1 foot) resolution for the Wide Area Coverage and within the United States, 15cm (6 inch) for the Urban Area Coverage (defined as >50,000 population). The program also encompasses set specification and accuracy standards, metadata and a planned refresh schedule. All data within this dataset will be captured using the latest in Hexagon sensor technologies.

Acquisition plans are underway for the entire continental United States and several territories, populated areas of Canada and all of Western Europe, for which access will be available through both our Views: Spatial Data as a Service subscriptions and our Spatial Data Store.


For up to date information regarding the coverage available, please visit our online coverage status viewer at maps.valtus.com

For more information about the HxGN Content Program, please visit the website at hxgncontent.com

*For a Free 15 day evaluation account to access the HxIP dataset through our Views streaming service, please sign up HERE


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