Making Access to Spatial Content Convenient and Cost Effective

Get the data you need in the format you need

Valtus provides quick, convenient access to large imagery and LiDAR datasets. Our secure data warehouse contains high-resolution aerial imagery, commercial satellite imagery and LiDAR data as well as storing and managing our customers' proprietary datasets.

Leveraging the latest Internet technologies, Valtus access solutions allow you to define specific data requirements such as search methods, coordinate systems, resolutions and output formats.


Valtus provides access to data in three ways:



Spatial Data Store

Views | Spatial Content as a Service

Real-time streaming of 'location aware' imagery
and elevation data directly into your service-enabled
GIS application.
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Vault | Spatial Content Cloud Services

A private hosting solution that
allows you to manage, store and make accessible your existing imagery and elevation content without the burden of in-house
data management.
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Spatial Data Store

An online ordering tool that allows you to purchase imagery and LiDAR data on an as needed transactional basis.
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